Experience the newest in cultured marble technology: TruStone

What are Solid Surface Products?

Solid surface products are an ideal solution for your kitchen and other environments. They combine the depth and beauty of natural stone with the advantages of modern technology. They're nonporous, which means they resist staining, clean easily, and won't harbor harmful bacteria in nooks and crevices.
This tough, versatile product can be machined like wood, and molded, cut and bonded to fit any shape. One of its most impressive features is the way seams disappear when pieces are fitted together. That's just one of the reasons this product is so popular with homeowners and builders alike.

What are Quartz Products?

Quartz products have a toughness that rivals the hardest natural stone. For high-use, high-stress areas like your kitchen counter, there's simply nothing more durable.
Quartz provides the non-porous, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant surface you need for a carefree, low-maintenance kitchen.
Olympic Marble proudly offers products from several top-quality quartz manufacturers. We'll asess your needs and fabricate to your specifications.

What is cultured marble?

You want the rich appearance of natural stone for your bathroom or fireplace, but you also want a uniform, durable, non-porous surface that won't leak or stain? You want cultured marble.
It's actually one of several cast polymer products that we manufacture in our southern California facility, along with cultured onyx and granite. They're all made with a liquid polymer resin and filler material (usually crushed marble, or other natural stone).
Colorants and other particles are then added to reproduce the veining or speckling found in natural marble and granite. A clear protective gel coat is applied during manufacturing, giving cultured marble its durable, non-porous finish. The result is a tough, uniform product with the look and feel of natural stone.
Because each piece is custom made, it can be fit precisely to the space at hand. The variety of pigments and techniques allows for infinite variation in appearance.
Seams are kept to a minimum, which makes a cultured marble unit virtually leak-proof when it's properly installed.
With cultured marble, you avoid the inconvenience of tile grout, and the troublesome porosity of natural stone. It's a low-maintenance surface that resists mildew and stains, and cleans easily.
That's why you'll find cultured marble in more and more state-of-the-art homes and buildings.

Is your product guaranteed?
Definitely. You can see exactly
what your warranty covers here.

How do I clean cultured marble?
Glad you asked. We have complete
care and maintenance instructions here.

Do you have references?
Really glad you asked. We're very proud of our growing collection of testimonials.

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