Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and caring for Olympic cultured marble products is easy due to the thick, high quality "gelcoat" we apply during the manufacturing process.

Tea, juice, or coffee can be simply wiped up with a damp sponge and household cleaner, such as Windex or Simple Green. Never use an abrasive cleaner (Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub, etc.), as this will dull and wear away the gelcoat surface.

If there is a particularly stubborn spot such as fingernail polish remover, the chemical may evaporate if the problem area is left uncovered. If the spot doesn't go away, contact Olympic for other options.

If hard water or mineral deposits are a problem, try using one of the many cleaners sold for that purpose. Most cleaning chemicals will not damage the gelcoat as long as they are not allowed to stand on the gelcoated surface for prolonged periods. Before using any cleaner, be sure to read the label for recommended usage and warnings.


  1. Because of mineral deposits and soap scum, it is important to clean your cultured marble parts regularly.
  2. For normal cleaning of marble surfaces, do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads, scrapers, or sandpaper on any part of the surfaces.
  3. Use nail polish remover to dissolve adhesives. (Nail polish remover and acetone are highly flammable, so ventilate the room and keep these materials away from heat and flames.


  1. Water temperatures exceeding 130 degrees may cause cracking or crazing, thereby voiding the warranty. (Temperatures above 130 degrees are dangerous to the skin even for very brief moments)
  2. Clean only with liquid cleaners of a non-abrasive type. Example: Windex, 409, Simple Green, etc.
  3. Protect the surface of your cultured marble with regular applications of wax (Gel Gloss, car wax, etc.)
  4. To remove surface scratches, try a very mild abrasive such as toothpaste. Deeper scratches may require wet sanding with an appropriate sandpaper (220, 400, 600). Then, bring the shine back by buffing with an automotive buffer and polishing compound. Do not use rubbing compound, as this is too coarse.
  5. On shower walls and tub areas, we have found a daily application of "Clean Shower" does a great job of eliminating water spots and soap scum buildup.

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